Our company has personnel that has twenty plus years of experience in this industry and has extensive knowledge and experience in the maintenance of client operations, as well as inspection procedures. We started Knight Vision with the dream and idea that we could help maintain and improve each of our clients operations. Our goal is to prevent accidents and equipment outages as well as keeping a high standard of safety for all our clients. We offer an experience not just an inspection. We develop a professional relationship with our clients to meet their needs, and develop plans to help maintain and improve operations so that they are running at their full potential.

We are a proud, loyal and dedicated team. We all share the same expectations of quality and safety and as a team we bring these qualities to every job site. Together we have accomplished above and beyond what we had ever imagined. Through our outstanding track record and our commitment to ensuring client satisfaction we continue to help clients and grow daily as a strong, unified company.

Our vision is to continue helping companies and their operations succeed.  As well as show new companies through our commitment to this industry and the inspection process, that Knight Vision Inspections is the inspection company to call.