Inspection Certifications

Knight Vision Inspections employees are qualified to meet industry standards to ensure each job is completed to exceed client and company expectations. Every inspector and technician is trained and certified to work within this varied industry. We understand the importance of working at peak performance, while ensuring both safety and quality are not compromised. We currently have good standing with the following certifications:

  • CWB Level 1, 2 and 3
  • CGSB Level 1 and 2 – MT, PT, RT, UT, and XRF
  • ASNT Level 1 and 2 – MT, PT, RT, UT, and XRF
  • Saskatchewan Class 1 and 2, Saskatchewan Welding Examiner
  • CSA Standard W178.1 Certification

Knight Vision Inspections is committed to providing continuous and ongoing education for our employees in order to keep up with industry best practices.