Non-Destructive Testing

Radiography – Perform industrial radiography using Iridium 192 as our source. Maintain a stock of various film sizes to meet client requirements.

Ultrasonics – Equipment used is Olympus Epoch XT for shearwave and Olympus 38DL for thickness and lamination testing.

Magnetic Particle Inspection – Equipment used includes various yokes Y1, Y6 and Y7, also permanent magnets for limited access inspections. Capable of providing colour contrast, wet or dry and fluorescent techniques.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection – Use Magnaflux products, capable of fluorescent and colour contrast techniques.

Vacuum Box Testing – Perform leak test on welds for tank roof and floors.

Coating Inspection – Capable of holiday testing and thickness verification.

PMI (Positive Material Identification) – The equipment used is a Niton XL2.